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di F. Q. | 27 ottobre 2016

Minori non accompagnati, ok della Camera alla legge dopo 3 anni: divieto espulsione, diritto a salute e istruzione

Foto LaPresse/Hedinn Halldorsson/Save the Children06-08-2015CronacaGrecia, minori migranti: Save the Children, sono ad alto rischio di sfruttamento e abusiDISTRIBUTION FREE OF CHARGE - NOT FOR SALE*Sabeen watches as a young boy, also from Afghanistan, tries to keep up with his parents on their way from Molyvos to Mytillini by foot.

 "We are four people, me and my wife, my child and mother. He (*Majd) is nine years old. We passed the mountains, the forest, the river (the strait between Turkey and Greece). We were coming slow, not fast. It was difficult and we were stressed. It was the first time I crossed something that deep. Now, we are going to the camp, but I don't know how to go there, we will find it and ask. We are going to stay in Greece first, and then we want to go outside of the country, we want to continue our trip. I cannot tell you where to cause it is not clear, I need to speak with my family. The first country I want to go to is France cause I have relatives there, my wife (*Sabeen) also wants to go there. We were expecting this, although this is more difficult than we expected. My son (*Majd) has sore feet. There is no peace in Afghanistan and life was difficult. I want the European people to accept us so we can live in peace and have a simple life. So we are hopeful to pass this way, and thank God, we passed a part of it. But it was difficult, all of us were stressed. I feel very god, I am very happy, all of us are happy, it was so difficult to cross the river (the sea). Someone told me that when you arrive there, maybe the police arrest you and take you to the camp, sometimes that does not happen so you need to walk up to the camp", says *Tareq. His wife, *Sabeen watches as one of the youngest child in the group of refugees that just landed in the Greek island of Lesvos, runs to keep up with its parents on their way to Mytilliny, 70 km South of Molyvos, where they are to be registered in order for them to continue to Athens.
Secondo quanto previsto dal testo approvato in prima lettura a Montecitorio, i respingimenti saranno possibili solo in caso di motivi di ordine pubblico e sicurezza dello Stato. Via libera dell'Aula a larghissima maggioranza (contrari solo Fdi e Lega Nord), la proposta di legge ora passa al Senato

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