Per realizzare la riforma della Giustizia, Silvio Berlusconi era disposto a stringere un’alleanza con l’opposizione. E’ quanto emerge da un un cablogramma del primo gennaio 2010, inviato dall’ambasciata degli Usa a Roma e firmato dall’ambasciatore David Thorne. Secondo il rapporto dell’ambasciatore, inoltre, il premier ha detto di avere tra gli alleati sulla necessità di una riforma anche Pierluigi Bersani. Nel cablogramma successivo l’ambasciatore si sofferma sull’argomento. “Berlusconi e Letta mostrano un grande rispetto per i leader dell’opposizione”, scrive Thorne. “Berlusconi ha elogiato il leader del partito democratico”. Inoltre “Letta ha elogiato l’ex primo ministro (e rivale politico) Massimo D’Alema che ha il merito di mostrare coraggio e integrità durante la crisi nei Balcani prendendo decisioni molto difficili”. Bersani è definito come una persona “diretta e onesta” con un intelletto di “alto livello”.

Italy’s Courts – Problem Number One

8. C) Berlusconi forthrightly identified the magistratura – Italy’s judiciary and courts — as Italy’s “biggest problem” and told the Ambassador that he was ready to forge an alliance with the center left opposition to implement judicial reform. He noted that a legal system where issues were never definitively resolved — where you can be absolved of a crime and yet have the case resurrected later – sapped Italy’s political and economic system. He argued that this is what has happened in his own case, where he has been cleared in the past but the same charges keep on returning repeatedly. He said that he had allies in the opposition on the need for reform, including PD Leader Bersani. Letta cautioned the government won’t know if it has the clout to deliver on such an idea unless it secures a decent showing in regional elections in March 2010.

Smart Guys in the Opposition


9. C) Berlusconi and Letta displayed a great deal of respect for opposition leaders. Berlusconi praised the Democratic Party Leader, Pier Luigi Bersani as a “straight shooter” who was fair with a top rate intellect. Separately Letta was also complimentary about former Prime Minister (and archrival) Massimo D’Alema who he credited with showing courage and integrity during the Balkans crisis and taking some very tough decisions. Letta noted that D’Alema’s prickliness and “smartest guy in the room” demeanor made dealing with him a chore, but acknowledged his judgment and political effectiveness, which was why Berlusconi backed him for the EU Foreign Minister position despite their differences. Letta told the Ambassador that he did not have a clear judgment on how DiPietro will play in domestic politics and looked forward to future conversations. On other domestic political issues, Letta thought that the current estrangement between the governing PDL party and Sicilian President Lombardo was a minor issue and they would patch it up quickly.